Welton Parish Council - serving the villages of Welton, Melton & Wauldby in the East Riding of Yorkshire
Council Information

General Information
The Council is a statutory body and elections for members are held every four years. The last election was in 2011 and the Parish can have 12 Councillors. The chairman and vice-chairman are appointed by councillors each year in May. At that time members are also appointed to the Council’s subcommittees and as council representatives on other bodies. The Council employs a Clerk to the Council, on a part-time basis, who is the sole financial and administrative officer.

The monthly Parish Council meetings are open to members of the public who, although not able to participate in proceedings may, at the discretion of the Chairman, be invited to address the Council on matters of particular individual interest which appear on the agenda for the meeting.

Parishioners who wish to bring a matter of concern to the notice of the Council should, contact the Clerk, or any member of the Council. It is helpful if a telephone call or informal chat is followed up with a letter, however brief it may be.

Parish Council Meetings
These normally take place on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the Welton Memorial Hall. Dates may be adjusted to take account of Bank Holidays, and sometimes circumstances require additional meetings. Planning Committee Meetings are normally held on the Thursday in the week after the Council meeting.

The Annual Parish Meeting, which is held between 1 March and 1 June each year, is a meeting for all the electors in the parish, to discuss issues within the local community.

Notices with dates of meetings are displayed on 4 notice boards located in Welton Village outside the Memorial Hall, Welton south of the A63 in Stanley Jackson Way near the junction with Common Lane, Reynolds Close Melton and at The Pond in Melton. Agendas are also posted on this website on the Local Events page

Summaries of the proceedings of the Parish Council are included in the Welton, Melton & Wauldby News issued every two months.

Minutes of Council Meetings are posted in the Archives when approved. Council meetings are usually attended by an East Riding Ward Councillor from the area.

Allotments in Welton
Note that the allotments are owned by St Helen’s Church and NOT by the Parish Council. Enquiries should be directed to Jackie Naidoo tel 666 852

Members Register of Interests - see Council page
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