Welton Parish Council - serving the villages of Welton, Melton & Wauldby in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Your Parish Council - 2016/17

Councillor Wayne Wilde
5 Everthorpe Close
Welton HU15 1TL
Tel 669 093

email -

Vice - Chairman
Councillor Gwyneth Banks
1 The Crescent
Welton HU15 1NS

e-mail - kalypso@kalypso.karoo.co.uk
Councillor Iain Boyle
9a Woodgates Lane, North Ferriby HU14 3JR
Tel 07799 110 047

e-mail - Iain@weltonparish.co.uk
Councillor D. Fairweather
7 Fairfield View, Welton, HU15 1PZ

e-mail - derek@7fairfield.karoo.co.uk

Councillor Jill Gill
4 The Green, Welton, HU15 1NG
Tel 668 683

e-mail - jg@weltonparish.co.uk

Councillor Prue Rockett
22 Melton Old Road, Melton HU14 3HP
Tel 634 433

e-mail - prockett@aol.com
Councillor (also Ward Councillor)
Vanessa Walker
15 Cowgate, Welton HU15 1NB
Tel 0778 068 7383

Councillor Alison Peck
13 Melton Bottom, Melton HU14 3HU
Tel 634 615

e-mail - ap@weltonparish.co.uk

Councillor Michael Thane
5 Beckside, Welton HU15 1PF

e-mail Mikethane2@gmail.com

Welton Parish Council has 2 vacancies for Councillor.
If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, we would like to hear from you see pdf form

All enquiries and correspondence should
be addressed to the Parish Clerk
Catherine Law

14 Dene Road
HU16 5PJ

Tel 07807 729 549

Council Committees 2016 - 17
Council Meeting Dates for 2017 -18

These buttons are links to each member's
declared register of interests (pdf files)

The Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Welton Village Memorial Hall, Cowgate. Agendas are posted on notice boards and on the Events page. If you are interested in becoming a Councillor, we would like to hear from you. For any more information on the role, please contact the Clerk Catherine Law who will be happy to talk about what’s involved.

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